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Documentation is an essen-
tial part of any automated assembly system. Each machine we design has a project book containing all
the information relevant to
that project.

SEA documentation package starts at the beginning of the design and is maintained through out the entire project.

All the information needed to
order commercial items is documented along with the mechanical drawings. At the end of the project a comprehensive operational and maintenance section is written for each of our machines. The format for this part of the manual uses actual photos of the machine stations with complete descriptions and sequence of all operations. Our typical documentation package consists of (2) two printed and (1) one CD of the following:

Operating manual
Maintenance manual
Assembly drawings
Bill of materials by Assembly
Schematic drawings (electrical & pneumatic)
PLC programs

For Pharmaceutical and Medical Device machinery requiring validation we will assist in the following:

Functional Design Specification
Software Design Specification
Installation Qualification Documents
Operator Qualification Documents

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