Plastic's Welding: Experience

Southern Engineering and Automation has provided automation solutions for many plastic welding applications. We are well recognized in providing unique solutions for difficult feeding and automation requirements.

We have extensive experience in the area of Ultrasonic welding and parts handling. Our current use of solid modeling 3D software makes it easy to model the machine solution and conduct extensive customer reviews to be certain we meet all the requirements needed for asuccessful project installation.

Listed below are samples of some of the equipment we have provided:

Outboard water pump assembly
Flash light assembly
Driving brass inserts
Military scuba computer assembly
Velcro hooks and loops assembly and welding
Electrical connector assembly
Blister package welding
Vacuum cleaner handle welding and assembly
Water pitcher handle
Automotive Battery case welding
Hand tool assembly
Water filter assembly
Traction harness assembly and welding
Fan blade assembly
PCB stud heading
Telephone key pad welding and assembly
Injection molding part gate removal
Clam shell welding
Automotive trim welding

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